Over the past years, Julien aka Lunarave and Lisa-Marine aka Sleeping Forest have successfully evolved within the psychedelic scene through their Lovpact project.Their progressive trance is characterised by retro influences, enthralling and hypnotic sounds. This alchemy offers a soft contrast, bringing pleasure to our ears, a journey through their universe, rich in wonderful ambiances and varied atmospheres.After 2 Album released on Hadra records (RetrodeliK I & II) and many others tracks on Various Compilations from 2012 to 2015 , they decided to move Further in the Retrodelik concept with their new project Backsliderz, to be released on Ovni Records.

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Origins Of Entropy and Noesis Production is a collective project born from the love for experimental electronic music and transformational festivals, a group of people who aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the alternative community in Australia, with a special focus on unconventional arts, personal development and respect for the environment.

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