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What's your sacred mindful intention for humanity?

Here is what i’d love to share with you as a gateway into one of infinite visions that my brain waves conjures up! As artists, we have been gifted the greatest responsibility of all. We feel as we are in charge of weaving our creative threads through crafting visionary art, as we do our ultimate best to expand consciousness with unlocking our mind, body, heart and spirit into alignment. Allowing ourselves to feel into and surrendering whilst tuning into the body of self. Radiating internal purity, beauty of the human soul externally and rediscovering natural rhythms with the universal interconnected beating hearts. We as creative wizards and creatress’ are here to give meaning to the few decades we spend here on earth. As art is medicinal meditation for the mind, body, heart and divine spirit.

By finding your own authentic truth, continually learning, sharing, growing and helping one another with intellectual creative expansion and being fully present in each treasured moment of this extraordinary life that we are living. It is always time to craft and weave change that you want to see right here, there, where ever you are in the eternal now walking on planet Mumma Earth as it creates ripples into our energetic oceanic waves of all dimensions!

Origins Of Entropy 
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Origins Of Entropy and Noesis Production is a collective project born from the love for experimental electronic music and transformational festivals, a group of people who aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the alternative community in Australia, with a special focus on unconventional arts, personal development and respect for the environment.

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