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Dani is passionate about finding ways to guide the body to function optimally. She knows that the best healer is the body itself so the role of bodywork is to allow the body to reconnect with its innate healing power. It's about identifying blockage areas  and removing them by releasing tension to encourage a free flow of energy within the body’s Meridians and allowing the healing process to naturally take place. Deep relaxation is key as stress is a big factor in most imbalances within the Meridians. Shiatsu is a type of bodywork massage that combines Meridian Therapy with the Five Elements theory and is performed on a mat on the ground and is very pleasurable to receive. Some people describe it as having yoga 'done to you' while you relax completely and receive the massage. Come take part in a fun 60 minute workshop introducing you to basic yet very effective Shiatsu moves used to nourish the body. No prior experience is needed, you will walk away with a simple sequence you can confidently share with your friends.


Dani will also be offering paid Shiatsu treatments throughout the festival in the Healing Space. Sign up to secure your spot!

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