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A hack of all trades, Haseeb has been a teacher, a theatre producer, festival organiser, actor and most recently a technology consultant. The only constant? A love of storytelling and writing. As a nomad whose only comfortable living permanently temporarily, Haseeb's work draws on his experience of rootlessness and a celebration of life's constant weirdness.

He is only ever flummoxed by one question: How are you going? Where he comes from, the only suitable answer is, by public transport. Check out his spoken performance ! The story of the life of a brown person in Australia and other random things !

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Origins Of Entropy and Noesis Production is a collective project born from the love for experimental electronic music and transformational festivals, a group of people who aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the alternative community in Australia, with a special focus on unconventional arts, personal development and respect for the environment.

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